NC Petra Restore Pure Shampoo 1000ml

  • Cleanses scalp and hair gentley 
  • Provides hair protection and conditioning effect
  • Botanical extracts cleanses the scalp 
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    Product Info 


    • Anti-Hair Loss
    • Balance Hair Moisture
    • Oil Prevent Dandruff

    PH 5.5 Hypoallergenic surfactant cleanses scalp and hair gently without irritation and provides hair protection and conditioning effects and botanical extracts cleanses the scalp .

    With no added silicon, it is a low irritated surfactant shampoo. The shampoo will clean and smooth out hair without any irritation while giving the hair the protection and conditioning effects that it needs. Botanical extracts cleanse the scalp and provide rich nutrients to the scalp and hair with silky complexion action by balancing moisture and oil in hair to maintain healthy hair.



    Size   1000ml


    Country / Region of Manufature   Korea Republic of


    Product Line   Professional


    Brand   NC PETRA


    How to use 

    Moisten the hair, take an appropriate amount, gently massage the entire hair, and rinse it with lukewarm water.



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