NC Petra Keratin PPT 1000ml

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    Product Info 

    As a hair protecive that fills porous hair lacking from hair, it makes hair stable and healthy with a PH balancing effect. It is adhered to hair surface and gives natural shine,and prevents hair from getting tangled and makes it soft by adhering to keratin. It minimizes damage by being used before dyeing, bleached,perm,etc . that destroys peptide combination.


    Size    1000ml


    Country/ Region of Manufacture   Korea, Republic of


    Product Line   Professional


    Brand    NC PETRA


    How to use 

    Available before all treatments
    (Dyeing, perm, waxing,etc)

    1. Dry towel before and after shampooing (90% moisture removal)
    2. Spray evenly on areas where hair is damaged.
    3. Comb 2–3 times with a thick brush
    4. Perform all procedures without rinsing after leaving for 10 minutes.


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