Dermaheal Hair Conditioning Shampoo Plus 500ml

All In One Hair and Scalp Care

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    Product Info

    Size   500ml


    Country / Region of Manufacture    Korea , Republic of


    Brand   Dermaheal


    Product Line   All Available

    Main ingredients Patented growth factor peptide / PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH ‘Octapeptide-2 (CG-Prohairin-β4)’ is a growth factor-like peptide that increases repetitive and fast enhancement of elastin and collagen, and growth and mobilization of dermal protective cells. 1. PLANT EXTRACTS & NUTRIENTS Multiple plant extract ingredients help with scalp moisturizing and calming. 2. Fleece flower extract Effective in anti-aging of scalp and hair by effectively absorbing UV-B region 3. Oriental arborvitae Natural antibacterial ingredient used for antibacterial, emulsifier, moisturizer, and skin conditioner 4. Gingko leaf extract Gingko leaf extract that helps in blood circulation also helps in hair loss and gray hair 5. Arginine, biotin (Vitamin B7), etc. Milkwort extract, Portulaca extract, and mulberry root extract care the hair and the scalp


    How to use 

    1. Scalp and hair soak it with water
    2. First, take an appropriate amount of shampoo on your hand and later them on your hands
    3. After shampooing like a gentle massage rather than washing it right away
    4. Wait 2 minutes ans wash with water


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