All Green Grade Shampoo 1000ml

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    All Green Grade Shampoo is 100% green grade shampoo that can be used safely from infants to pregnant

    Using all green grade materials that protect hair and skin

    5 types of growth factors added

    It is called epidermal growth factor and is an epidermal growth factor that acts on the epithelial cells that make up the skin.

    2. sh-Oligopeptide-2-IGF-1

    Insulin growth factor.It performs various cell physiological functions and works in conjunction with EGF and other growth factors to help skin cell growth and division, and to help the generation of ECM substances in the dermis to prevent aging and wrinkles. It prevents hair damage and hair loss.

    Basic fibroblasts. Stimulates keratinocytes and fibroblasts constituting the skin to regenerate the skin and restore a healthy skin condition. It promotes ECM synthesis to prevent wrinkles and has a strong anti-aging function.–9-VEGF Vascular

    endothelial cell growth factor. As a growth factor closely related to PDGF, it is a growth factor that induces angiogenesis of blood vessels. It also induces cell migration to physiologically lower blood pressure and increase the receptivity of microvessels.

    Any physiological phenomenon such as regeneration or hair growth requires new blood vessel tissue and supply of oxygen and nutrients through it, so it is used as a very important factor for anti-aging and damaged skin regeneration and hair regeneration and growth.

    It is called acid fibroblast growth factor and stimulates the keratinocytes and fibroblasts that make up the skin to regenerate the skin and restore a healthy skin condition.

    It promotes synthesis to prevent wrinkles and has a powerful anti-aging function.


    Size   1000ml


    Country / Region of Manufacture    Korea, Repulic of


    Product Line   All Avaiable


    How to Use 

    Moisten the Hair, take an appropriate amount , gentley massage the entire hair and rince it with lukewarm water


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